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UPDATE: Just adding this to encourage any Linux OS users out there to save Linux and boycott systemd.. It's an abomination and must die. This post is spot on and pretty much sums up my sentiments exactly.
NEWS: June 27, 2014 - It's probably quite obvious that the site is quite old, and some of the content along with very outdated HTML 3 reflect the previous decade(s) in which it was written. I just corrected some seriously outdated links on this page. None the less, everything works fine, so I keep it running. My personal Protools system is an astonishingly old one that I've been able to nurse along, running rather old plugins. The list of plugins in the application here is probably more than a bit out of date. If you want to upload a preset and the plugin (or even the manufacturer) isn't in the list contact me and I can add them easily. I'm also adding a link and shameless plug for my employer, Arxscan, whose Data Center Analytics software product is second to none.
NEWS: July 02, 2004 - I've simplified several things here! Since plugin preset files are compatible between Mac and Windows platforms as well as between TDM/RTAS/AS, I've removed the platform and type fields from the preset database, and have removed those fields from the upload and download pages. They were just causing confusion and served no purpose. I've also added the ability to let the upload program add the .tfx extention to the uploaded file, as well as the abiltity to let the upload program 'clean up' the file name of the uploaded files by substituting an underscore for any of the disallowed characters that might cause a problem with the application. Now uploading should be as simple as browsing to you Plugin Settings folder! See the FAQ page for details.
NEWS: January 09, 2004 - I've moved to a much newer and faster server. Performance should be significantly better.

Welcome to digitalaudiorock.com, home of the Protools Plugin Preset Co-op. If you are new here, please read the FAQ. The purpose of this site is to allow users of Digidesign Protools systems, including Protools Mix, Protools LE, and Digi001, under either Mac or Windows operating systems, to share plugin settings in the form of preset files. This sight is, and will always be free. I created this site in the hope that I could give something back to the huge, incredibly helpful recording internet community which includes, but is not limited to the participants of: The Digidesign User Conference (DUC) at digidesign.com, the Daw-Mac mailing list, the rec.audio.pro usenet group, the recording.org site, and the Music Player Forums at musicplayer.com. Without them, I doubt that my own system would have become a reallity. Thanks to all, and I hope this site provides a useful service to you. Special thanks to a Digidesign employee (who I won't mention by name) who gave me a great deal on his 9600 and spent considerable time setting it up and answering my questions...thanks man...yet more proof that Digi rocks...but you knew that. Enjoy...thanks for visiting...and yes, I do realize that my animations are clipping....
DISCLAIMER!! Now for the annoying disclaimers etc...I accept NO responsibility for the content of any files uploaded to this site, or for any damages they may cause. As I explain in the FAQ, I have NOTHING in place to screen files for viruses or other undesirable content. In other words, treat the files you download here the same way you would files from any public site. Even if you trust the user who uploaded the file, I cannot guarantee that a user name will never be spoofed on this site, even though it would be difficult to do so.
Note... Contrary to earlier instructions I had here, Mac users need not upload files in BinHex or MacBinary formats. If preset files are simply named with an extension of .tfx, they can be used as is under all operating systems. See the FAQ for details.
Click here to view any files uploaded today, here for files uploaded since yesterday, here for files uploaded in the past week, or here to simply browse all files...just a couple of the many ways to search the Co-op.
Forgive me for indulging myself by permanently adding the following totally unrelated link to a picture of my pet and best friend Sunflower, who died today, October 14 2000, after a battle with cancer...so long babe...
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